Information about Submucous Cleft Palate

It is one type of cleft palate and it is normally a palate means the roof of mouth and cleft means split in palate. The palate part contains both muscular portion and bony portion. And at end of palate a small projection of tissue present like a small finger like projection. A Submucous Cleft Palate is a bony defect present in the center of bony palate. This can also be felt like depression or notch in hard palate. A symptom for this disease is swallowing difficulties, feeding problem, middle ear disease and abnormal nasal speech. This can also be identified by presence of bifid uvula and notch at back of hard palate. For some children the palate appears normal when physical examination is done but the child would be affected by speech problems. Certain test should be taken to find the disease and these evaluations must be done by cleft palate team. If children has submucous cleft then you should contact local cleft team for palate treatment. If a person has this problem the muscles of soft palate will not work properly so they will face speech problems.

Submucous Cleft Palate needs surgery to resolve the issue. The reason to treat a person who is affected by this disease is to make normal the sounding conditions. The child speech will be evaluated by speech pathologist after consulting with professionals of cleft palate team. If individual cannot allow the air to escape in speech with nose the condition is called velopharyngeal incompetence. The cleft palate information will be provided by the foundation which acts to give support to this disease. For individuals who are affected by this disease, the solution is to undergo surgery. This surgery process does reconstruction of abnormal soft palate. The main goal of the surgery is to make persons speak normally. This surgery can only be done after giving anaesthesia. The post and pre-surgical evaluation will be analysed by a team of people. If a child has the problem at birth, then it can be cured after 5 years. Regular evaluations are needed to cure the disease and that should be given by cleft team.

The speech pathologist will assess the child problem in speech and they recommend appropriate therapy. Speech therapy cannot cure nasal emission or hyper nasality which occurs due to abnormal structure. Because speech therapy is not effective in improving nasality problems, that occur due to abnormal physiology problems. If an individual have misarticulation problem or hyper nasality problem then this surgery will be effective. All body parts are connected to one other mainly the parts in head and mouth. This problem will affect nasal cavity because air will not be allowed through nose if a person have this disease. Articulation problem will be faced by a person who shows difficulties in making south. The person who got affected by this disease will feel problem in feeding because it is hard to drink or eat with bad lip closure. Half of the children who got affected by Submucous Cleft Palate need speech therapy.