Necessity for repaired submusous cleft palate

A submucous cleft palate is sub group of cleft palate. Another name for this palate is roof of the mouth this is a birth defect. It comes under the surface of the skin. Palate has two kind of parts hard and soft palate. This was made of bone and muscle and it can be hard to see. Most of the children’s were affected by this cleft palate. Another way is the hole in the roof of the mouth that caused by a cleft connects the mouth directly to the nasal cavity of your child’s mouth.

It was hard to see but the clinician can find your children’s mouth can see the following signs:

  • Notch in the bone of the hard palate
  • White line in the middle of the soft palate
  • Splitting of uvula into two

The problems occurred when it can caused

            Usually submucous does not cause any difficulty. But following problems are possible.

            Feeding Problem:

                        Have to take a long time to feed.

            Speech Problem:

Children’s have trouble with speech sounds. Because they have the difficulty to moving air trough their mouth and nose and it affects to make sounds and speaks.

            Ear Problems:

                        Muscles of the palate control the opening and closing of the Eustachian tube will                           affect ear infections and also have hearing loss at times to some children’s.

Here the complication of the submusous cleft palate includes the above problems feeding, breathing difficulty, delay of speech and also hearing loss and ear infections. It can be repaired by the way of proper treatment as surgery.

Recovery from these problems:

  • This submucous not need any treatment to your babies. A special bottle will be used make feeding easier.
  • There is way to speech your children’s well with the help of speech and language pathologist. They will assess your child as learn to talk. Language and speech therapy may help to your child has difficulty with nasal voice.
  • If there is possible children can get benefit from surgery to reposition the muscles of the palate. If possible means the pathologist will discuss this with you for getting benefit to your children’s.

Reason for cleft palate repaired:

  • If your children can drink and eat with cleft palate means cleft palate needs to be repaired at all. The reason for this problem is simple speech.
  • Every human being speech needs regulation of air flow through nose and mouth. When a lot of air leaks out of the nose that may affect your child speech.

Submausous clefts repaired are not possible early in life. It only needs if speech and language are affected. There is a 50% of children will require surgery to repair their submusous cleft palate. These cleft palates are typically repaired between 8 and 12 months of age. After surgery children have to take some of the rules for eating and drinking purpose and also short course of antibiotics prescribed to parents by doctor. The problems all depends on factors that related the children’s health and location of the cleft. The most common necessity of several surgeries and treatment is to achieve success.